Monday, January 23, 2012

Rosemary's Babies

Months 3-6

That's all I remember clearly.  There are memory bursts of various doctors, "colic", "reflux", "dairy allergy", "gentle dairy formula", "hypoallergenic", "amino-acid based", "Zantac", "Prevacid" and on and on and on and on.

Fade to black.


My back (oh lord my poor innocent back) remembers Baby Bjorn and Snuglis worn simultaneously while holding the third.

SNAP back to reality (Oh, there goes Rabbit.  He don't give up that easy..hahaha)
We moved.  We hit six months.  Six months was sweet sweet heaven.  Six months.  Oh the sound of those words.  Six months.  At six months the babies figured out that ACTUALLY, there was no need to cry literally every waking hour.  ACTUALLY, playing and practicing skills was equally as fun as crying.  Fools.  It was truly night and day.  We actually got to just ENJOY having three ridiculous human beings living with us.  We got to breathe.  They slept way worse for a while and woke up 60,000 times but I chalk that up to moving across the country and eventually it got better.  Though at 10 months one wake-up per kid is still the norm with sporadic splashes of one sleeping through the night from time to time.  Here and there.  I mean, if they went to bed at 9 it would feel like they slept through the night but when you absolutely cannot deal with your life past 6 o'clock, you wake up for a snack in the middle of the night.
"Being a baby is like being in love, in Paris, for the first time after you've had three double espressos.  That's a fantastic way to be but it does tend to leave you waking up crying at three o'clock in the morning." -Alison Gopnik
*Totally random side-note:  Alison Gopnik's brother is Adam Gopnik, one of my favorite authors who wrote such gems as Through the Children's Gate and Paris to the Moon.  This familial connection made me think of Anna Wintour, American editor of Vogue, whose father was the editor of the London Evening Standard and whose brother is the political editor of The Guardian.  Can anyone think of other families like that?  I swear if you say the Kennedys I'll bang my head against the table.  Do you think wild success runs in families?  If so, my kids are so screwed.

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