Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Extensive Expertise in Plumbing and Electric Is Really Paying Off

Yesterday we had a walkthrough of the house before they put the drywall up.  Apparently, it's to look at all the wiring and plumbing and stuff.  Apparently people do this.  Why do people do this?  I know exactly...oh, right...NOTHING about wiring and plumbing.  There could be like major problems and I would be like, "Yep, looks great."  Eric doesn't know anything about plumbing or wiring either.  Regardless of this rather important detail we showed up with all three infants in hand.  Our realtor, who I assume is an expert on plumbing AND wiring, met us there.  We followed the boss man around while he showed us many fascinating wires and drains and pipes and insect-killing wires.  We faithfully nodded and touched things like we had any idea what was going on.  When it was over Eric took 25 pictures of the wiring and plumbing.  We are geniuses and knew to do this because I went through a Holmes on Homes phase.  (I love you Mike Holmes).  See, TV really can make you smarter.  Guess I should start the kids watching HGTV ASAP.  I wouldn't want them to fall behind in school.

But, I digress... Since I didn't think it was fair to make all those babies drive an hour, get in the stroller for 30 min and then drive an hour back I figured I would take them to the little park right there.  Glenda, the realtor, came with me and the girls.  Eric had to go back to work.  I have been to this park on a handful of occasions.  Nevertheless I still have zero idea as to where it is located.  I am missing some serious spatial intelligence or geographical intelligence or something.  So... I couldn't find it.  I know it's only a couple blocks away but I couldn't find it.  The babies HAD to eat so we found a large patch of very crusty dead grass and they all screamed bloody murder as soon as it touched them.  Awesome.  It took about 20 min for everyone to get a little milk and a little baby food in their bellies (thank you sweet heaven above for those Plum-esque packages of baby food).  They screamed and ate rocks and dead leaves the whole time but at least they had had some lunch.  I think we petrified poor Glenda.  What can I say? Triplets are not for the faint of heart, only for the faint of mind.

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