Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ghost Baby

I have no idea if this is a side effect of having an entire litter of children all the same age or if it happens no matter how many infants reside with you but I have a ghost baby.  I swear I hear someone crying upstairs but I look around and there are three babies right here in front of me (I do only have three right? Tell me if I'm forgetting some).  I smell poop.  I always smell poop.  I check every diaper around me and there is no poop...but I still smell poop.  I swear I put a bottle in the fridge. There are no other adults here and I KNOW I put a bottle in the fridge.  There is no bottle in the fridge.  So now every time something confusing happens I chalk it up to Ghost Baby.


  1. The shower exhaust fan sounds like babies screaming. Every time I try to take a shower (at night), I'm convinced I'm going to come out of the room and find Jeff surrounded by screaming kids. Maybe cuz that actually happened a number of times when they were newborns.

    1. I totally hear the same thing. I'm always shocked when I come out and everything is fine! I don't even have the exhaust on, I just hear voices.

  2. I hear crying while I'm in the shower too! Weird.