Thursday, February 10, 2011

Like, Oh My Word, Like, You Wanna See My Room?

Okay. Here it is.

First stop- my nest. I have created a nest on my bed so that the belly has cushioning on whichever side I am laying on. Tied to the bed are: my phone cord, my computer cord, the tv remote (it has a cord), the call button and the cord for the light switch. This way, I don't have to move this massive structure around every time I want to change the channel. Also, I can hang my glasses on the knots at night so they are easy to find in the wee hours when hundreds of doctors descend on me.

This is my information board. Almost none of that actually applies to me since I have not had my baby yet.

Here is the view from my window. I usually have to keep the shade drawn because, as I have said, it's 111 degrees in here. Remember, they cooled it down from 112.

This is my clock. For the first week-ish only the second hand moved. One of my favorite nurses took the initiative to change the battery so now it looks like the second picture. Yes, the time is 3:55. What do you mean it's confusing? Just because the hour hand is actually past the 4 even though its still only 3:55. Pathetic you guys. Learn to problem solve.

This is Eric napping in my bed on the weekend. Its a cozy nest when there are two chickens in there. Especially if one chicken is the size of a manatee!

Just so we are clear. I HATE IVs. I now look like I have some sort of frightening disease because they have to change the IV site every few days so my wrists each have two holes and counting. I wonder if the number of holes makes me easier for the aliens to track. Uh oh.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Tune in next time to hear a little about my daily activities. Bye bye now.

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