Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So, Today Isn't the Sixth?

So, I had that Fetal Echo scheduled for the 6th. I woke up this morning (Tuesday) started blogging and got ready to go. This one was inside the Babies Hospital which is inside the Children's Hospital. First of all, it is the most horrifying place to go. I am sure kids love it but for an actual adult I was scared out of my mind. The bathroom had 2 toilets, a regular sized one and a tiny one. The waiting room was chuck full of people and children and video games. You know all the kids are like wicked sick too which is just depressing. Anyhow, after taking the wrong elevators and coming back down to find the correct ones, I finally made it to the right room. She calls me up and asks, "What is your last name?" "Silverstein", I reply. "Do you have another last name?" "No." "Let me look you up. What is your full name and date of birth?" I tell her. "Your appointment was yesterday. You missed it." A look of pure shock and horror crossed my face. I ask, "So, today isn't the 6th?" "No, yesterday was the 6th. Today is the 7th." AAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGG!! Remember how Lovey worked her tail off to get this appointment? Yeah, now I have to go over and tell her I f'ed it all up. I was certain she was going to murder me and my unborn children. I got myself together and walked over to the building. I enter with trepidation and she is sitting at the desk. I tell her what I did and how incredibly sorry I am. She is incredibly annoyed but kindly makes a few calls and gets me in for the 15th. Thank you scheduling gods. Thank you. So, what should I bring her on Thursday? I was thinking a Reese's cause nothing says I'm sorry like peanut butter and chocolate.

So, in a nutshell, I took a twenty dollar cab ride to get five dollars worth of Wendy's chicken nuggets. Seems logical.

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